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I am a professional voice over talent based in Tokyo, Japan. For over 25 years I’ve been performing native English voice over from Japan.
Now you can find affordable Japanese voice over by experienced Japanese voice over talents who live here in Japan. I have personally screened each of the voice talents. I guarantee high quality audio which meets industry standards.
We are the original Japanese voice over service from Japan.
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Our professional freelance native Japanese voiceover talents have performed voice over for many projects. They are also employed as narrators, radio DJs, emcees, reporters, and anime voice characters, right now, in Japan. Read our voice talent profiles.

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I will manage your voice over project. Tell me what you need and I'll take care of it. — MW

CAUTION Many of the freelance Japanese voices you’ll find outside of Japan offer voice over simply because they can speak Japanese, and it’s something to do for fun.

Here are some tips to help you choose an experienced Japanese voice over talent.

Customer Testimonials

“The voice, audio quality and time sync look great. Thanks for doing a great job on this.”

“Very professional, reasonably priced & provided quality work to our company.”

“What fantastic service you offer! That was so quick. Thank you for turning it around so quickly.”

Business video voice over

“You made us look good. I am going to recommend you to another of our clients.”

“Received with thanks. Brilliant work by you and your narrator. Thank you.”

“Terrific Japanese voice actors and Mark performed as the coordinator to get our video project narrated. Our client is very happy with the results.”

“Thanks for doing a great job on this. The voice, audio quality and time sync look great.”

Event announcements

“Thank you for the great job. I want to really thank you for the professional approach, it’s a pleasure.”

E-learning course

“Very professional, reasonably priced and provided quality work to our company. Will definitely recommend them to another organization that is looking for quality voice-over.”

Japanese pilots for World War II game

“Mark worked hard to provide many, many audio files and gave us the top quality sounds we needed. His voice actors were willing to do as many retakes as needed to get everything just right. The final product is just what we were looking for.”

Product information video

"Mark was very professional. We really appreciated his attention to detail in every aspect of the process. He was very helpful in making sure that our Japanese translation was accurate. You can tell that Mark and his team of Japanese voice talent take pride in the work they do."

Some of our clients put their voice over videos on YouTube.
Voice Over Services
We can...
  • Sync the audio to the video scenes. You can simply drop the audio into your video.
  • Tell you if the voice approach you want would be unusual to a Japanese viewer.
  • Provide Japanese voice over artists for up to 4 roles in your script. (Such as e-learning, training, or game roles.) You don't need to search for all those different Japanese voices!
The cost for Japanese voice over will be based on the number of Japanese ideograms to be recorded. If you don't have the Japanese script yet, a price estimate can be provided based on the number of minutes of Japanese voice over, or on the number of words in the corresponding English script. Read more about pricing and request a quote.
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