How the Price for Japanese Voice Over is Calculated

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For most types of productions, the cost for Japanese voice over is based on the number of Japanese ideograms to be recorded.

If you don't have the Japanese script yet, an estimate can be made based on the number of minutes of Japanese voice over, or on the number of words in the corresponding English script.

In the case of Japanese voice over to be used in a commercial that will be broadcast on radio or TV, additional conditions may apply based on the reach the recording will have (broadcast nationally, regionally, or locally), and the on-air period; contract terms or buyout; etc.

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Our preferred payment method is USD by PayPal. (Via PayPal, we also accept EURO, GBP, AUD, and CAD.) Other payment methods: SWIFT/BIC, IBAN. Detailed payment terms can be determined when the scope of your project has been provided.

Payment terms for your first project with us:
  1. 50% payment in advance. (Alternatively, the full payment can be made in advance.)
  2. After the 50% payment has been received, upon receipt of your final script, the recording will begin.
  3. We will complete the voice overs.
    • If you have remitted a 50% payment, we will send you half of the total audio files. The remaining 50% payment will then be due before we send the second half of the audio files.
    • If you have remitted the full payment, we will send you all of the audio files.

We will send you an invoice for the project. Please provide the details you require to be included in the invoice.

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